Friday, February 1, 2013

Winners of the 5000 Facebook Like Give-a-way!

Each winner will receive via email a $20 gift voucher for  The vouchers will be emailed Feb. 9th (after I have returned from being out of town) and the vouchers will never expire.

the winners are......drumroll please..........

Raventhistle -miryajin at gmail
Anonymous -mlt_dustysmoke at yahoo
Katherine B -teague at hotmail
Allyson -akkrahn at mts
Anonymous -brianneledrew at gmail
Christine W -cwerchl at gmail
Lori L -lori.belanger at gmail
Anonymous -pleasebelieve21 at hotmail
Anonymous -jenniferr at mts
Kelly Huge-heart Hood -kellyahood at hotmail
Alison D Entremont -a_d_entremont at hotmail
Zakadabug -zakadabug at hotmail
Becky Wolfe -scrinchables at yahoo
Anonymous -jenniemaeo7 at aol
Karen C Hill -couponingmama2 at hotmail

Congrats to you all and thank you for sharing the Tree Hugger Facebook page with your friends!  Word of mouth is huge and is very appreciated.


  1. Ohmigosh! I won something! And I'll have tons of fun picking out colors :D Thank you!

  2. Yahoo! I'm so excited! Thanks so much!!!!

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