Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Give-a-way #4! Purple Light Flow Day Pad

Win a FREE purple minky (second due to not perfect top stitching) light flow day pad.

This give-a-way is going to be based on the honor system.  Since today is Earth Day I really want to make a difference.  To enter this time I want you to commit to picking up 1 piece of garbage (or recycling) you see laying around outside this next week.  It doesn't have to be right now since you are probably inside and may not easily see some but I want you to post saying that you will pick up the next piece of litter you see (and then do it!).  Tree Hugger has an amazing 2780 Facebook fans.  I know not everyone sees my status updates but wouldn't it be amazing if every one of those fans could pick up just one piece of litter?  One piece may not sound like a lot but 2780 sure is!  Please think of Tree Hugger the next time you are outside and follow through with this request.  We only have one earth so let's take care of it.  I am already SO proud of how much garbage we have prevented from going to the landfills by our use of cloth pads but let's make sure the garbage that is out there at least gets to where it needs to be.

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday morning.

Earth Day Give-a-way #3! Minky Brown Damask Pantyliner

To enter to win a FREE (second quality due to not so perfect top stitching) minky brown damask topped pantyliner post your answer to this blog post.

How many of your friends have you to converted to cloth?  Maybe you haven't converted anyone yet so if you are new to cloth yourself where did you first hear about cloth pads?  Did a friend convert you?

The winner will be chosen Tuesday morning.

Earth Day Give-a-way #2! Pink cows pantyliner

Happy Earth Day!  To enter to win a FREE minky topped pantyliner in the pink cow print pictured on Facebook please post your opinion to this blog post.

Are matching snaps (as in they match the fabric top or bottom) important to you?  I know that Tree Hugger is one of the few (maybe the only) pad makers that match the snaps almost exactly on each and every pad.  For many reasons I am looking into cutting back to black and white snaps.  What if I keep matching colored snaps for custom orders only?  What if custom orders had a small increase in price over in-stock pads but they will have the colored snaps?  Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated as I try to find the best way to keep up with demand without sacrificing the quality of Tree Hugger Pads.

The winner will be drawn Tuesday morning.

Happy Earth Day!!! Give-a-way #1

Happy Earth Day!  I have a few give-a-ways planned for today and I have also started a couple of auctions at Tree Hugger ( to help raise money to find a cure for Diabetes.

This first give-a-way is for a mini reversible Hybrid Hugger pantyliner.  This liner is a custom size at only 5.25" long and has super soft minky on one side and silky smooth bamboo velour on the other.  It is so thin and so beautiful!

To be entered to win you must post to this blog comment letting me know what your ideal cloth pad stash would be.  How many of each size?  Minky or Bamboo Velour (or both like the Hybrid pantyliners)?  A winner will be drawn on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enter to win! ----DONE

Today's give-a-way is for two FLANNEL topped light flow day pads.  I am not a personal fan of flannel however I do get asked for it now and again.  These pads are the great Tree Hugger design with a fun flannel print and fleece backing.

To enter please go to and copy the link of your favorite pad set (either in stock or stocking Friday) and post it to a comment here on the blog.  I will choose a winner Friday morning and I will even pay the shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US (International shipping will be $2).