Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tree Hugger 2000 fan give-a-way! --Closed!

Please comment to this post to be entered to win any set of in-stock pads valued at $30 or less and I will ship it to the winner for FREE!  I truly have the best fans and customers and I thank you all.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is your favorite benefit of cloth pads?

Please post your favorite benefit of using cloth pads to be entered to win a *second* purple bamboo velour pantyliner FREE!  I will randomly draw a winner after the party ends.

My benefit is by far comfort!

Q&A Thread for Facebook Party #2!

Ask me anything you like (within reason of course) and I'll answer you.  Tomorrow morning when my kids get up I'll get my daughter to choose a winner from everyone who posted a question to this thread.  Knowing her she is most likely to choose based on your profile pic LOL.  The winner will receive a *second* lagoon gelato minkee topped pantyliner FREE!  

Have you added yourself to Tree Hugger's map?

I love to see where my customers live!  Please add yourself to this map (or post your city and I will do it if you aren't able) and after the Facebook party (around 8pm Sept. 7th) I will randomly draw a winner.