Monday, June 18, 2012

3000 Fan Give-a-way Winners!

All winners will be contacted via email, if you do not receive an email then please contact me at  If there are more then one person with the same name then it will be the email address used to match the winner to the prize.  And the winners of the Tree Hugger gift certificates are.....
$30 Amilee (Moore)
$30 Jeneca
$20 Mary H
$20 Juliiie87
$20 MothyrGrimm
$20 Anonymous (Nichole)
$20 Mama Campbell (Andrea)
$20 Kay
$20 Annie (Martens)
$15 Anonymous (Lissa)
$10 Sarah (Pine_Apple)

I will be sending out emails this morning with your discount voucher codes in them.  Thank you to all who entered!

Monday, June 11, 2012

HUGE 3000 Facebook Fan Giveaway! ~~CLOSED

I (Crystal) am so very thankful for the wonderful Facebook fans Tree Hugger has!  Not only do you have the sweetest comments for me when you receive your orders but you also love to share with your friends and have helped educate women that there are healthier and more comfortable options available.  

To celebrate reaching 3000 fans Tree Hugger is giving away two $30 gift certificates as well as two $20 gift certificates.  I then thought "Why not go BIG?" so there was a post that stated for every "like" received on that status I would up the prize total by $.25.  Well, guess received 483 "likes!  I will round it up as I am now closing that status and will be adding another $125 in gift certificates to the prizes.  

So here are the prizes:

the first 2 names drawn will receive one $30 Tree Hugger gift certificate
the next 7 names drawn will receive one $20 Tree Hugger gift certificate
the next name drawn will win a $15 gift certificate 
and the last name drawn will win a $10 gift certificate

To Enter (I'm going to make you work for this contest so it's a two part-er):
1. Please post a comment to this blog entry answering this question:
What would you say to someone who was hesitant to try cloth pads?
2. Please go to and link me to your favorite pad set currently listed.

Make sure to include your email address in your comment as I will contact all winners via email.  You must do both parts to enter and only one entry per person.  I do read through each and every entry and do not count the invalid ones to make it fair for all.

The names will be drawn Monday June 18th at 9am central.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cloth Pads- The MAN Benefits

For those of you not on Facebook my wonderful husband has been making YouTube videos about cloth pads from a man's perspective.  So far he has released Episode #1 and #2 and he is currently working on #3.  They are quite funny and hopefully will help some husbands see why cloth is so great!

They can be seen on my YouTube channel here: